Thank you

I had a doodley fun day yesterday , yea sure Mom and Dad could not be home with me but Dad came home at lunch and he gave me an extra treat, do u know that when it is your birthday you get extra EXTRA HUGS !!!!

I really had a tail waggin kind of a day !

Thanks so much for all the doodle wishes !

So yesterday mom zoomed home again fed me and left  whinnnn whinnn, but then she came back and whoosh we are off again, we went to Starbucks for my Puppy latte’ then we also went to Petsmart for my toy Well, of course I get a toy, but. … whinnnn whinnnn,

no squeeky balls that so sad , they were all out of them so mom said “pick a bone” so I did, sniiff sniff sniff hmmmmm so many choices this one no that one  oh yea so I got this Antlerz ahhhh love it  love it !

We were going to go to Zesty’s for ice cream but it was not a good day to sit outside for ice cream, so Mom said we do that another day  I no mom will so I was good, but what we did later we went home zipped into the garage and WAHALA  we rushed into the house and got my bags I have to take with me. and OFF we go !

Saw Maisy and she said hi to me and wished me a Doodle birthday wishes too !

I just love Birthday’s and the best gift of all was my human sister Karen Gave me a Birthday message OH YEA Doodles, what a day !

This is also Mom’s last FRIDAY  oh baby! ! ! !

Well I must get going have an awesome doodle day,  and Julia my pal  she was back in the corner by the fence so I went and gave her a tail waggin hi this morning !

Life is Doodle Good

Love ya


Ahhh Life is great !

Ahhh Life is great !


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