Good Morning  Good MORNING !  !

How are you today? Good MOrning  GOOOD MORNING ! It is a bright and sun shinny day today the bunnies are in my yard oooo doodles they hide yes they hide right by my tree !

So Mom and I go out and play yesterday afternoon  MY , all of a sudden I sniff, sniff BIRTHDAY  hmmmm quickly I run to the pine tree IS  sniif  snifff roll over I go ahhh the back rub on WEDNESDAY SEND TREATS  !

OOoo doodles I am just so excited mom says that we are going to bake today for my party but, we might have to wait until Saturday for my party because the pups are free then , but NO WORRIES MOM will give me something special because.

Tomorrow is my birthday happy wagging tail day to me, OH YEa  OH YEA  Tomorrow is my birthday I think we will even ask to see if ELF can come over too OH DOODLES> the other day my brother ELF  went for a walk ahh that a way ELF I haven’t seen him in awhile so . . it was great expect my brother doodle can really use a haircut ! ! !

Mom and I played soccer ball, and dad played Squeeky ball with me ahhh Humans really love this nice weather  ME TOO!

Soo Put your two paws in and shake them all around put your two paw down and stomp and stomp and stomp , shake shake shake and move all about that is the HAPPY DOODLE DANCE ! ! !

See ya later !


PS Mom says something likeshe has 4 days LEFT THEN IT IS OUR DOODLE SUMMER DAYS  OH BABE !

4 days left to SUMMER DOODLE FUN

4 days left to SUMMER DOODLE FUN


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