Goooood Morning ! !

Guess who is having a birthday ,  Birthday , guess who is having a BIRTHDAY ! ! !  Please send some treats my way, you can send some treats my way!  Treats my way !  Guess who is having a BIRTHDAYYYYY and Please send some treats my way ! !

Ooops if my mom  sees that I am asking for stuff for my Birthday she is not going to be happy so we will just keep this doodle message to you and me !  OKAY   OKAY!

I helped out mom all weekend long planting some flowers not a whole lot of flowers just a few because she didn’t want me to get too messy????? OH Gheez MOM ! it was fun I just plopped my self down really close to mom on a plant awww this felt good nice and cool.

Mom just laughed,” Wilson she said”  “what, mom I am just keeping you company I told her ”   My eyes just said it all when I looked at her heee heeeee

Yesterday was just a kinda relaxing kind of a day Mom had too go somewhere so, Dad and I just vegged on the couch until Mom came home Whooosh she came home just in time too because DAD almost forgot too feed me !  yea I no I should of nudged him but. . .  you no we are watching soccer enjoying the day together and time just slips away ! ! !

And of course we took our walk last night with Dad and we did the Zesty’s route and I No mom put money in her pocket I saw her, and do u think we would stop there right RIGHT??!?!?

NOPE we didn’t mom just kept saying next time when we walk WAIT A SECOND we walk past my favorite spot and NO ICE CREAM Gheeeezzz Whiinnn Whinnn HUMPH I was not a happy DOOD !

But the walk was nice hee heeeee

OOOO this is Mom’s last full week of SCHOOL Ahhhh AHHH That shinning thing on her wrist will be OFF ! ! Whoooopieeeee

Have a great day today, and Remember Someone’s Birthday is coming up coming up COMING UP Someone is having A BIRTHDAY  and don’t be shy about sending a TReat, Squeeky ball, bone, Treat, A HUG !!

Love ya


my birthday is coming very soon

my birthday is coming very soon


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