Awwww Man it is only Wednesday, it sure seems like it should be SATURDAY !!

Mom says she is off for three days oh doodley doo we will have a great hubba booloo !!

whatever that is  LOL LOL  I just crack myself up on the morning, Mom says that she has Monday off, ahhh see that is what I get for half listening to my humans conversation !

Oooo Last night can u believe this Mom yes MOM stayed longer at her class and but, like a wonderful doodley mom she still took me for a walk, and Mom even called up Bell’s human, but Bell I guess is sort of wimpy about walking late at night, well actually I guess it was the heat, but it wasn’t hot out at all, Now Do u think really and Honestly that I would go out in the heat to walk?????  Nah I  would not  that humidity would just curly my hair .

But, last night we walked and walked only a little 3 miles my tongue started too hang out and we didn’t see anyone watering their yard like the night before some guy was watering and we went over to get some for me, yes yes Mom asked me of course if I wanted some yep I do, I smiled mom just knows what I need.

Expect yesterday when I kept looking by that place where she keeps my bone hmmmmmmm she just didn’t get the message then ! Oh Doodley Well, it’s mom and Ilike her.

Have a great Wednesday and just so you no I have a new song a brewing in my doodle brain .   I new you all would be excited about that one !

Have a wonderful Fluffly Wednesday.

Love ya


Come on Weekend

Come on Weekend



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