Good Morning ! ! !

Hey How you doing this morning????! ! ! !

Mom told me that today I have to be on my tie out again! Gheeezzzz I was just able to run and run I was a happy doodle, but. . . . .  see that snow fence we had that kept me in on the other side of our yard. .  well. . . .  Dad has not been putting it back very good after he has been done mowing, and well . . .  I sort of been nudging it a little well, . . .  Last Night I escaped !

Ooo Hold on   HOld  On to what u got I got a lot of lovin for you  for you  I got a lot of lovin for you !  lol LOL   Ok ok  I will tell you, so Mom put me out last night and she decided to check on me, and  it probably was a good idea    oh that mom is a smart one , so anyway, she called me name Wilson, Wilson   hmmmmm where is  mom  I thought to myself,  I don’t see her,  hmmmmmmm MOM woof woof I am here, so Mom stepped off the deck and she had a strange look on her face !

I was even doodley wondering why Mom was coming over too me see, I casually knocked over the fence  well . .  it’s not very strong And Dad really hasn’t been putting it back very strongly so . . .  I just decided to take a little walk on the other side, and u no what sometimes its not that much better, nope  I was scared it was dark and I didn’t no how to get back into the yard !!

Mom,    Yea for Mom she got me back in !

So now for a lighter side of my night   I chased a bunny and almost yep almost got him  Mom and I were relaxing and all of a sudden that furry  little furry guy was in our yard and Waaaa La  mom let me out the bunny zoomed over to the tree on one side of the yard and zoom too The other side Oh Man did I gallop over to him but that crafty bunny slid on under the fence, and yea  of course I went over to check and ahhhhhh he was gone .

Have a great doodle day !

Love ya


I admit it I  did dig a hole

I admit it I did dig a hole



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