15 DAYS ! !! !

OH Doodles  OH Doodles  I bet NO ONE knows what happens in 15 days for my MOM !

And I am just going to give a few hints   Summer    Summer  and then SUMMER !

My cousin came to visit me this weekend , we had such a great time together we are now very good best buddies ! Yes , we had our moments but, I just let her no I was tired of playing, but she kept on trying to AIR PAW me, hee   heeee doodley heeee!

Maisy came running into the house I was looking out the window come one where are u????  Then all of a sudden the door opens up and MAISY come on Let’s Play, we ran and ran around the back yard I was like a giant pony running in circles !  Oh Karen I almost forgot to give her a great big smile  I turned and gave her a giant tail wag !! OOOO Maisy just wait   she is so impatient sometimes ,  Ahhh it was fun fun  fun to run !

But Friday night she went up the stairs first !  Hmmmmmm Maisy I always go up first, so MOM went  up the stairs called my name and I gallopped right past Maisy, we sort of wrestled in Karen’s room, but,   I won Yea  Yea Yea For the Doodle, Yea !  I just plopped right on Karen’s bed and snuggled right next to her ! Silly girl Maisy she paced all night long hmmmmmm silly girl!

On Saturday that was fun we  played early in the morning and we also got to help Dad cut the Grass Maisy and I just watched a little , Oh  and I just let Maisy pull me down to the ground the girl has some strength to her!

Ooooo  Saturday night Mom and Karen had a cool drink and all of a sudden MOM got cold so guess what??? Mom started the fire pit, so of course I thought we were going to have friends over, but no one came it’s ok because DAD started to chop some long branches we had and Maisy and I had some nice big sticks to chew on !

So much fun, but,  I gotta get going  !  I can tell you more tomorrow

Love ya


Waiting for that treat !

Waiting for that treat !


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