Good Monday Morning !

Monday Monday shhhhh do you think that if I were to just sleep all day Monday will go AWAY !!  Nah Okay so let me just say this about Monday    EKKKKKKK doodly jEEEEEKKKKKKK ! ! !

Now that I got that off of my doodle chest Ahhhhh I feel better already !

So on Friday Mom and I went for a walk and we didn’t see ANYONE at all So Sad, but mom made up for it, we went by the park and we ran just a little, too many squirrels and Mom thought I might go chase one .

On Saturday It rained all day long well not all day but . . . . I got groomed yep mom took me in and I must say I do look very handsome, it was a good day there a couple of labs were there and we chatted only a little bit not too much. But. . . When  Mom picked me up we went and did some errands together and it stopped raining so I was able to put my head outside the window ahhhh  I love doing that.

Oooo and when we came home  MOM got all kinds of flowers she was crying happy tears  MOM I just gave her a HUG with my paw.

Do u no that the one thing I was sad about on SAturday NONE of my FRIENDS were outside to show off my new do to them. HUMPH !  oh well, it was okay but, being at the groomer all day is so exhausting that I had to sleep and I went to bed early on Saturday night, Yea can you believe that  Me the Wonderful Fantastic Doodle went to bed early , Dad and Mom just laughed,

Oooo but the best part of SAturday  Dad brought home cupcakes for MOM and Hmmmmmmm SNifffffff SNiff f f f f f f oh Doodles does that smell good ! But mom was a smart doodle mom she put them way away from me, Really Does she think I would get them. ?????/  Yea I would!

Oh Boy and Mom gave me a nice walk on Sunday night and I saw Bell, ahhhh Belly it was great seeing her , she just got a bath too Ahhhh Must of been bath weekend!!

So I must get going and I hope you all have a wonderful doodleful day

Love ya

See Now I can get more treats  I am Handsome again

See Now I can get more treats I am Handsome again




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