Good Morning Good Morning It is another bright beautiful doodle Morn’  Good MOrning Good Morning it is great to be a doodle today !   And It is Wednesday and u no what it means that in Two days Mom will be home and we can play and play and play !

Guess What else  Mom has 22 days left of SCHOOL  That’s if I counted correctly with my fluffy paws, you no its hard to count when you have furry paws !!!!

Oooo And Yesterday as mom and I were walking down the street singing doodle a doo a doodley doo ,  we came upon Miss Ellie Wagging her tail singing doo a doodle dee  doodle le do.  hee heeeee   Well Ms  Ellie was not in the best of moods because , my friend Don had to hold her a little, and all I wanted to do was too run too Mr. K and say hi, but, mom said we have to wait a little,  Ms Ellie is a little skittish and she hasn’t seen me in a while, and well the excitement  of see me the Big Guy can be overwhelming !! lOL LOL LOL ”

All was well after we “met” can u believe it   I looked at her “like what is wrong” oh doodles we were good after the”Meet”

And then we saw Maisy, oh doodles what a night it was I tell you everyone was out ahhh it was fun and OOOO before I forget my friend Emily who I don’t see during the winter was outside and she wasn’t Afraid of me !! oooo doodles I was so happy I just wagged my tail and got lots and lots of hugs yesterday !

Yep I was the Star of the outside walks yesterday Just so many people out and so many hugs to give ahhhh I will just have to rest today !

Heeeee heeee have a wonderful doodleful day

Love ya


Hi have a great day today and SMILE

Hi have a great day today and SMILE



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