Oh My Doodles I just don’t no where to begin this morning, but I no I am running a little bit late this morning, it’s MONDAY MONDAY Hip Hip Hooray for Monday Morning , I think Mom only as 5 more days left of Monday’s then she is off for the summer time !!

Summer time Summer time  Ooooo Summer time,

I was so confused this past Saturday Mom packed up a bag and she went away with OUT ME ! Now who could go away for a weekend and NOT take ME the cute one ???? Huh????!!!!

So it was just me and Dad on Saturday and part yesterday, it was fun. . .  Expect Dad almost went the wrong way on our walk! yea can u believe it, he wanted to turn right instead of left when we were near Webster st. Ahhhh Dad I said, “This is the way to Zesty’s NOT THAT WAY!” So I was just a little bit being a stubborn Doodle, ! Hey It’s 68 out on Saturday, and that Ice Cream place was calling my name  Willllllllllllllllsssonnnnn,

Willsooooonnnnnnnn  Where r u???? See so I had to take Dad !

Well gotta get going I have got to get up earlier on Monday’s  NAH   Us doodles need are beauty rest !

Have a great day!

Love ya


Resting up so I can walk later

Resting up so I can walk later


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