Cloudy Cloudy

Yesterday it was sunny and this morning CLOUDS  Come on SUN  Come on I no you can shine on me this morning, come on   you can do it. Wait  Wait AHHH NOPE thought I saw a few rays shinning  GRRRrrrrr !

Thats ok  because MOM says that it will shine maybe tomorrow, the sun will come out tomorrow it will shine on my backyard tomorrow, I can play oh tomorrow tomorrow I can play tomorrow   !

Well, also on the weekend, Maisy and I played Air Paw that is fun it really is, and Jack got us out on Sunday morning before Mom did, oh yea  that Maisy we let her out and she just ran and ran, but, then MOm fed me waited a little bit then put me out, Heeeeeee

What happened is the ground was frozen in the morning so it was all good, but as the sun came up the ground got softer, and Maisy and I played and Played, oh boy mom came out and we were just about ready to go into the little pond but we waited, and waited then mom turned her back and SPLASH right into the mud OH MAN  MOM sees me she comes out then I came gallopping galloping towards MOM I had a big BIG smile on my face but she ran into the house, I think she thought I would get her muddy.

But Maisy girl she carefully went into the water, and do you no that she doesn’t look as muddy as I did ! ! ! !  ! ! ANd also We could not even go into the house because of our Muddy Paws  I didn’t think that was doodly fair at all ! ! HUMPH !! So I just rested a little bit on the deck and then Maisy came , and of course Mom took lots of pics OH MOM You are silly !

Ooops gotta get going again Where does the morning go to,  Love ya all


What???!!! This is great I love getting muddy Paws

What???!!! This is great I love getting muddy Paws


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