Monday Goooood Morning !

Wake UP  Wake UP  It’s Monday , Monday WAKE UP   WAKE UP  It’s Monday Morning !

Okay why oh why am I so Doodle HAPPY! !! Gee  I am not so sure  LOL LOL OH YEA

Over the weekend I had soo much doodly fun U will not believe it , Let me tell you MY Human Brother Jack came home and oh boy  I was outside on the deck (yea not off tie out yet ) I heard a car door, hmmmmm mighty  close like I think it is in my drive way OOOOOoooOOO so I am at the door my tail is waggin left and right and all of a sudden MOM lets me him   I gallopped to the backpack on the floor sniffed it, hmmmmm mom says go Upstairs Go see who is there I ran up and JACK came out of his room OOOPPS the hall was dark so I wasn’t sure who it was  (I am sort of a scardy doodle ) I ran downstairs Jack says “HI< WILL !”  ooooo Jack Jack I start waggin my tail jump up on to the couch and go in circles Ahhhhh It was great to see my Human brother ! I would not leave his side, ahhh I like it when those other humans come home.

Sooo who comes home on Saturday???? Karen, Maisy and Josh,  ooooo Mom is waiting and waiting keeps looking out the window and all of a sudden that little white car comes by our house, MOM says’ Willy BAbe look who is here???!!! Karen  Karen Karen !!!!! and she brought my cousing Maisy  with her, Mom let go of my leash I ran to the car  Maisy came out of the car and we chased each other right into the garage, Maisy followed, me we went right into the back yard.

Mom  ahem   For got that our yard was muddy in the back OH what the doodles, I ran and ran and ran Maisy chased me and chased me oooo it was great doodley fun! ! ! !

But, mom was sort of wondering how dirty I would be so  I just sort of stayed out of the muddy part for awhile, hee hee OH yea to run in the yard with my buddy Maisy, yea she chewed my ears, and I tried the furry Paw  Ahhhh Spring in the back yard and NO RAIN this weekend, hee eeeee

Oooo then all of my humans got dressed to go out for the night and Mrs. C came over to take Maisy and I outside at night, well,   Mom said Bell might come over too, and she didn’t , well. . . Mrs C let us outside and night and I thought Bell might be coming over too, sometimes she just walks over by herself, and what???!!!!! No Bell, I waited and waited went by the bushes and NO BELL<  I looked at Mrs. C???? Where is my little friend, No friend today Will, it’s muddy in the backyard, well,  I was sad, and My Crazy Girl Cousin Maisy kept doing the air in the paw dance,

Yea it goes like this  Put your Paw In the air and Shake it all around Put your paw in the air and Shake it all around Try to get the doodle to come and Play  Put the Paw in the air and see if I will Move,!!!

Ooooo I have to but Boy oh Boy do I have a muddy paw picture to show you ! OH yea It was great !

It was a wonderful doodleful type of a day and weekend, I will tell more later on

Love ya all

Willy Babe

What???!!! This is great I love getting muddy Paws

What???!!! This is great I love getting muddy Paws



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