Fluffy Friday ! ! !

What to Do What to do??? So much to do ! ! !  ! !

Hee Heeee only kidding but, really I want sunshine on this cloudy day, you bring me some and I will give you a great big doodle SMILE ! ! !

I had some sad news yesterday one of my doodle buddies that live across the big pond passed away, he always made me smile from the stories mom read to me ! His name is Ollie and he was a wonderful looking dood with a bigger smile than me !

Mom just told me that I am having company today Yep my buddy Jack is coming home tonight I am going to be wagging my fluffy tail and I bet it is going to go around in circles heeeee  I can’t wait, and then tomorrow Mom says Karen, Maisy and Josh are coming oh oh Doodles  Doodles Doodles I wonder if I will be even able to nap today ???

Oooo yesterday mom and I went for a walk but , . . .  no one was out yea that was sad, but we walked a lot well not too much because it was starting to drizzle and mom was getting wet she asked if I was ok and of course I am outside walking with you mom ! She smiled alot, but she was cold then dad went to jog and I didn’t get to go, ohhh but ticky mom , I need just a little trim around my eyes so when DAd came home Mom trimmed my eyes, then she tried to brush my fluffy tail  no no  no no

Sooo I hope for sunshine on this gloomy day, I want some sun, so I can play with my pal, Sun Sun Sun  I want SUNSHINE ! ! !

Have a wonderful doodleful day everyone !

Love ya LOTS


Gotta rest because my buddy Maisy is coming !

Gotta rest because my buddy Maisy is coming !



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