Fluffy Friday

When Oh When is this SNOW going to END OH When oh When will we get sun?I want to play with my friends in my yard but the ground is way tooooo0 softttttt !

Ohhhh When oh When is this Awful Weather going to END oh When Oh When Can I run ???

Oh Gheeezz  I am really really getting down in the doodle doldrums because I can’t run I can’t see my friends  I sit on the deck and just wait to hear my buddies outside and NOTHING ! ! ! Mocha doesn’t even use her backyard anymore ! NAH I guess her yard is muddy but at least our yard has a POND  I don’t think MOM is happy about that POND either so . . .  that is why I am on a Tie out  man I don’t even like that either.

So  I guess today  is complain doodle day ! ! !  !

Have a nice Friday and boy oh boy I hope it will be sunny some day soon and WARM we could not even walk yesterday because it was RAINING !!!  Anyone want to move to FL????  Come  on and Join me it could be fun  !  ! !

Love ya Willy SPRING????


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