Ooops I think

Mom and Dad might just want to go back to Florida  yep they were sort of talking about it this morning,  WhY???? well  we had SNOW again yesterday and I new something was wrong when  . . .. .  Mom looked out the window and said  ” OH MAN! ! ! ” and it wasn’t because she saw tulip’s come up ! Nope it was SNOW  oh Gheezz!

Come on they just don’t no how much fun SNOW IS   ! ! ! !  OK Ok I get it’s APRIL but. . .  do u now that u can roll in snow and gallop and see your  paw prints all over the back yard

I think it is rather cool but  . . .  I realize the snow balls get into my fur I no that but . . . Come on Mom, it looks a little pretty doesn’t ????

Nah I agree with MOM  I want my green grass so I can rub my back on it  ahhhhh  I think I remember that ????  It was just like Sunday and the grass was showing I was Laying on my back and kicking my legs up into the air  Ahhhhhhhh ! !

Ok I agree with MOM  NO MORE  Please .

And again NO WALK because the weather outside yesterday was YUCKY !! the wind was blowing and it was just UCK  so I helped out mom in the Kitchen shhhhhhh! ! !  It was fun and it is going to be a surprise for someone but I can’t say who !

At least Mom and I get to spend the morning together ! She has a delay oh yea and Dad was trying to be funny he said Mother Nature just wants her to have an extended school year, oh boy mom gave Dad the “LOOK”  but she smiled too !

Have a great doodley day  Doodly day Doodley Day Have a great Dooooooodly Doooodly DAY ! ! ! !  Today Today Today

Love ya

Willy Babe

Soon we will have SPRING       I hope

Soon we will have SPRING
I hope



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