Good Morning,

And Yes I just have a slight complaint to my MOM ! ! ! Well . . .. let me tell you so Mom goes to zumba last nigt OH sure she played ball with me and all, and yes the backyard is a complete sponge but. . ..  come on we could of played outside and Mom could of washed me off  OH YEA  I am not too crazy about putting my furry paw inside of the bucket !!  HEE

But anyway, after Zumba she could of gone and given me a walk yes she could of !!! So what happens Mom and Dad are watching the TV Which I like to peak over at too! ! ! I am watching dad eat that CHIP hmmmmm  I look at mom and they both laugh at me ! ! Yes Okay so I am pretty tall when I sit nice and tall but.  really laughing and me Ok OK so NOt really laughing chuckling !!! So I do what  A good Doodle should do,  I  burped  Yep  Dad had to wave that breathe smell away  LOL LOL LOL !

Okay now back to my walking adventures, on Sunday we took to the East River Trail it was a very lovely day to be on the trail and as we were walking down the street all of the dogs just barking at me waiting to meet me walking and humming all along doo a doo a deedly doo! Strutting my stuff so I can get noticed  smiling along doo a doo a deedly doo !

hee heee what a day I met Riley another Doodle he was pretty cute just 1 year old I tell ya if mom and dad want to get another Pup they better do it soon ! Because these young doodles need alot of taken care of ! ! !But Reily was cool,  As we got onto the trail Mom and I bumped into Buddy, and another PUP A Big Guy A golden  named  are u ready??? WILSON ! ! !  ! !   OH Yea

We had lots of fun  OOOOPsss where does my time go to !! Well anyway  I hope it doesn’t rain all day so Mom can walk me tonight and maybe even Dad will go along too!

Have a great doodly day

Love ya

Willy Babe

Resting up so I can walk later

Resting up so I can walk later


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