Fluffy Friday

Fluffy Tail Friday Is the BEST !  Yep It is because I just have a fluffy tail thats all !!

I had an awesome walk last night so many pups were out last night I even met another DOODLE ! ! ! and her name was EVIE !  and Karen and Jack you will never guess who the person was that was walking EVIE !!!! Mom told Mrs. C and I just perked up my floppy ears to hear the Name!!

Ok Ok I no you are just full of doodle giggles waiting to no!  It was your Third Grade TEACHER ! ! ! ! !  !!  Evie is a Apricot color ooooOOOOooooooo

OOO I also picked up Mrs. C along with Bell, Mrs. C was getting out of her car so we went up to see her and Waaaaaaa LA she was able to walk with us  I was sooo super dooder happy to see her my tail was waggin and waggin and waggin, I haven’t seen her in two weeks, and can u believe this???? Mrs. C was only going to pet me for a few seconds  WHAT !!!?!?!?!?  No way I just kept nudging her until I was ready heeeee heeeee

Ahhhh I just love to be petted , then of course Bell saw us from her front window, she started to wag her tail Yea  I no she is short but I am a doodle of course and I can sense she was waggin that short tail, yea hers is not FLUFFY like mine !  So we walked but, they cut the walk short after 2.5 miles but, mom and I went further yea  I like that because I can’t run in that backyard yet and I need to Strut my Fluffy stuff around !

I’m a doodle just walkin down the street waggin my tail to everyone I meet, Singing Doo Dah Doo Dah Doodle Leee Doo Hee Heee

I love spring !!! That snow is MELTING OH YEA

Love ya

Willy Babe

Need my Shades today the sun is going to SHINE

Need my Shades today the sun is going to SHINE



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