Good Morning

Today is its going to be sunny, sunny SUNNY< today it’s going to be SUNNNNY all day long! I  can go out in my yard my yard MY YARD  I can go out in my YARD AND get full of mud !!!

Doodles it is really really muddy in my back yard I have a little  bit of a stream along my fence, and oh gheeeez it’s a good think Mocha hasn’t been in her back yard because I would be all WET < and I just don’t like getting my furry lovely paws dirty !

I go outside to my tree and sniff for that squirrel thats likes to hang around along with that bunny! and then I bypass that river entirely! Well, expect for when MOM is not looking then I like to carefully touch the water with my furry paw and the water is ewwwww cold ! brrrrdoodles.

Last night mom and I went for a 3 mile walk it was great but u not what???? Alot of that snow was missing and and  Mom and I didn’t have to play move off the sidewalk onto the street game ! Yea it was great I would try to go off the sidewalk and onto the road,  because that was what we were doing before MOM AND DAD WENT ON  A SUNNY VACATION AND DIDN”T TAKE ME !!!

Not that I am complaining I am just SAYING!! ! ! !   You no Doodles like to go with you MOM AND DAD so NEXT TIME I am SNEAKING into the SUITCASE !

Anyway as we walked I had all kinds of stuff to sniff ahhh Spring is almost here ! then after out walk Dad was Nordic Treking so I could not say hi but as soon as he was done, he asked how the walk went  I gave him my furry paw on his leg and smiled at MOM and DAD new it was a great time !

Well, must get going talk to you all later on !  I think MOm and I will go walking again tonight and maybe just maybe  a friend can come too !

Love ya

Willy Babe




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