Yipppeeeeee ! ! ! !

I am sooooo excited today is FRiday and MOM says I get to go away today too!

But, first of all I am tired,  I am tired, yes I am  Yes I am, Yes I am ,   Maisy is my friend Maisy is my friend but she went home  she went home !   😦

We had fun together but Karen had to leave so last night I was really doodly bored I just snuggled on the sofa with Mom ahhhhhhhh Heeeee heeee

Oooo yesterday I got to ride in Karen’s little car  and I mean little it is a little Fiat oh boy Me the big guy in the back seat with my buddy Maisy oh man at first I was hesitate to go inside of the back seat but  Karen helped me out  ahhh Thanks karen you are the best !

Mom tired to take pictures but, it just didn’t work out oh well, and Dad had to help me get out of the car , well  when Karen was packing up the car to leave I was thinking I shouild go to soo . . . I tried to pop into the front seat  a little tight for this big guy ! So yea Dad had to help me back out  beep beep beep   NOT funny  mom was beeping  hee  oh mom

Ooops look at the time I must get going

Love ya


Come on I no you want to hug me

Come on I no you want to hug me




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