Firday It’s Fluffy Firday

Fluffy Friday Fluffy Friday lets’ all hear it for Fluffy Friday !

Well, Well,  on Fluffy Friday I  get to lay around and be petted and brushed and ahhh just pampered “Wilson, Wilson” Wake UP  sheeezzzz Mom , just when I was dreaming about chasing bunnies and eating a pine cone or two, and then of course there are those kids I like to watch, Hummmmph !! Ok Ok I am up !

A doodle just can’t get any sleep around here sometimes, Yea Mom wakes up early and I see her because  I am on Karen’s bed  yep  Yep  I doodly like being on her comfy bed and Yes I do snuggle with Max but this time I snuggled with teenie!!

Guess what last night we went on for a faster walk yes !!! We did our 4 mile walk alot faster well . . .  Bell wasn’t with us so that made it quicker mom said , we still had to be careful of those puddles, and why do they call them puddles I will never no !

Oh and mom brushed me last night I tell ya I am ready for some doodle dancing tonight and to the doodle jig on St. Paddy’s day

So u do the doodle jig do the doodle jig  Pet the Doodle doodle the doodle jig, Put your paw out and then u give it a shake shake shake shake, Doo the Doodle JIG !!!

Heee Heeee Mom and I are going to be wearing the green today !

Love ay


Mom, What am I going to wear???

Mom, What am I going to wear???


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