Good Morning Good Morning and I am waggin at my tail too tell ya that we didn’t get any snow at all ! ! ! ! !

Yipppee Yippee Doodlee Day Yippeee Yippeee Doodlee Day!

Oh my doodles let me tell you about my weekend Maisy came to visit and we had soo much fun running and running and playing eat my ears  lol lol  too funny that Maisy ! She is just the cutest little pup, and I tell you we are like a brother and sister love each other and fight  hee hee oh boy ! So we went to the dog park, you no and oh doodles it was a little muddy, so Mom and me and Karen went to the doogy bath place,

Ooops I thought Maisy would be nervous so I joined her in the tub! Oh yea that could of been dangerous, but Mom took me out, so I just watched to make sure she was fine !. Then the kids came over on Friday and Mom helped Mocha come over yea there was still some ice by the gate, so Mom and Mrs.G Chopped away at it, and WAAALA  Mocha came gallopping into the backyard.

But, Bell also came over and Mom watched her skim the top of the snow she is such a low bottom that she has to be careful gallopping over!  Well, we all argued a little and then I protected my friend Maisy, but. . . ..  Oh man  I was a little in the House, heee heee not dog house but the House, yea  Mom gave me a time out and the whole gang came over to the window, and were woofing at me, as I was woofing back, so . . .  Mom busted me out of the house!

Ooooo Saturday my tummy hurt, and I think Mom is going to call the vet today whimmmm whimmmm, OOOOO and do u want to no what else!! Because it has been raining and raining, Mom has put me out on the tie out !! ! !

Hummph!  ! !! Huymmmph what does she think that I will go into those puddles????!!!! Come on I don’t want to get dirty ! ! ! !   So I was coouped up in the house all day long !!! and I was just a little bit naughty  Mom had an envelope on the table, yep I grabbed it, I thought it was for me!!! then I went to get a kleenex, Come on a Doodles gotta do what a doodle has to do !!

Sooooo Rainy Doodles don’t like to be in  don’t like to be  Rainy Doodles don’t like to be we want to PLAY !!

Love ya


Have a great doodly day !


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