Yippeee Doodley Day

Let's Play  Let's Play

Let’s Play Let’s Play

OH Boy we had an awesome surprise yesterday One of my best buddies came over to spend some time with, me OH Doodles I bet you can’t guess who it is?????

I can give you some hints, she has four legs,  A very strong tail, and flappy ears, that when she runs in the backyard they flap up and down, hee heeeeeee.

I was just minding my own business yesterday afternoon snoozing, Dad was home then all of a sudden the door opens up and Waaa LAAAAAA ! ! ! Guess who comes walking into the Door ???!?!?!?!?!

We played and played and played, but ,  once in awhile  I had to tell my buddy that grrrrrrrr not in the mood for play time yet, the his cutie would AIR PAW ME “Come ON Let’s Play  Let’s PLay Come on!”  Doodles  Doodles Doolely doo what a character !!!

Last night she even slept over, and can you believe that we had to take turns walking up the stairs yea she was soooo Doodley excited to sleep over she went first then Mom had to get me to say come on Willy Babe your turn,then all of a sudden this  My buddy came gallopping down the stairs too gheeezzzz, what a girl.

Well Okay  I will tell you  because I bet you just don’t no  her name is

MAISY ! ! ! ! ! !  ! !

Have a great wonderful Doodleful  Day



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