Gooood Morning

Good Dooodley day Good Doodly Day hip hip horray it is another doodley day!!!

OH Yea I had a wonderful doodly day yesterday  I was able to run and run in my back yard and chase that bunny yep after all the snow we had there was one bunny that was twitching its nose and me and ran directly across the snow ! ! !   Now I really thing that this bunny just does not no that I am the one that gets to make the first prints GHeeeeezzzzz, some small animals, think they can just hop all over the place !

So last night when mom and I went to play I sniffed all over the yard to get its trail, but. . .  nothing, so sad, but. . . . my buddy Julia came out and I gallopped over to her side of the fence and we touches noses, that made my day , we discussed how we can get her human to make a gate so we can come and go as we please ,   do u think it will work???

OOOO Doodles kids guess what two of my brothers have a birthday coming up yepe yipppeeee doodley deee Birthday songs to sing for me and maybe even the dance !

So, tonight mom says we are going to look for pictures !! Hummmmm I wonder what she will do??? OH boy don’t worry I will make sure there is one of me Hee heeeeeee !!

Have a great doodle day  have a great doodley day oh my oh my have a great doodle dayyyyyyyy



February is done after today then we have MARCH 1 then March 2nd and oh yea St. Patrick’s day !!!

I no that bunny is here somewhere !

I no that bunny is here somewhere !


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