Another Day for ME

Yep Today is my day  I declare it DOODLE DAY YEP YEP < Today is a day where, I can do what ever I want to do !!  ! !  Yep that what is great about being a DOODLE< see we just look cute all the time, even when we pull of a pillow on the coach or try to sneak that Napkin on the table, or  go  into your pocket and steal a Kleenex.

My best is when Mom goes up stairs I follow go into there room and try to take  a tissue out of the kleenex box, I haven’t succed but, everyday I try, and MOM just laughs,

So that is why today is DOODLEY DOODLE DAY<

Oooo Did I forget to mention that Mom has a 2 hour delay !!  Yippee oooodles kind of a morning again !  OH yea !!!  !

Ooo I found my other squeeky ball, yea i went upstairs well, wait a second,  ooops there is my noodles in my brain again, see mom and I were playing in the house and she threw the ball down the hallway, nah I didn’t go and get it I was done for the night, but last night I found IT  Yea for me !

See it is a Doodle Day today, Mom starts school a little later, I found my favorite squeeky toy and oooooo  on Sunday  Mom , Dad and me we are going to see JACK  oh boy!!!! CAR RIDE !!  Woof Woof  waggin my fluffy tail, doing my dance and romping stomping my paws ! ! ! !

OOO mom got a picture of me doing a little bit of my doodle dance, I hope you are all practicing the dance I will review the Doodle Steps later on again, becuase it is hard to dance in the the SNOW   But mom does  ! ! ! !

Have a wonderful Doodle day and it’s okay to hug another Pup too !!!!

I just love doing my doodle dance !!!

I just love doing my doodle dance !!!


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