That is just how I feel this morning  mmmmmm

Ooooo before I forget on Sunday when Mom and I were walking, remember I was going to tell you about our game, and it was called. . .. . . Doodle Dodging the puddles, oh, that was so much fun we would walk and walk and then move a little bit faster, then whoosh mom would say lets go here but, “mom, I told her there was so many snow banks for me to sniff”  She didn’t listen AT ALL TO ME !!

I suppose it was a good thing because she slipped a few times, People just were not clearing there sidewalks, oh doodle welll.   So even on Sunday Mom and I played in the backyard, but . . . the weather is getting warmer and I think I think Mom will be able to get the gate open, OH YEA DOODLES.

So if that gate can get open MOCHA can come over and the furry paw can almost strike again !

I have been watching those squirrels and birds in the trees I am pretty sure that Spring is going to be in the air again !!! and even Mom says so too, she had to have Dad listen yesterday to the birds chirpping hee hee oh Mom likes that warmmmm weather way to much.

Hey last night I again had to have mom and dad move over yep they were taking my spot oh doodles, so what I did was when it was time for bed, I snuck up before them and hid, yep right in there room, but. . . Mom saw me hee hee I looked at her and gave her even a smile but. ..  Nope she did say I could sleep on Bob’s bed so I did, for just a little bit, then I moved over to Mom and Dad’s room looked into the room thinking I can go in without being noticed but. .  I guess I am a little big, Mom laughed at me hee hee oh Doodles, I went down the hall and Plopped on Karen’s bed, Ahhhhhh Nice

Have a wonderful terrificdoodle kind of a day

Love ya

Willy  WHAT????



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