I don’t want to say that word you no the word  Monday  shhhhhhhh!!!!! maybe just maybe if I don’t think about Monday, it will be a good day !  Oh yea I am a doodle it is always a good day for me ! ! ! !  ! Hugs, Hugs, and of course some more HUGS !

Friday mom had that snow day right?? Well, we had a BLAST WE went to my favorite store Petsmart and then we went to the PARK< OH YEA < and there were some new pups there that I dindn’t no which is okay because I always like meeting new kids !

So, we ran  in the park , but there was  a very very TALL Pup it was an Irish Wolf hound oh boy, he was big, so I started to play with him you no I tried to teach it my Doodle Dance but, It was not much of a dancer at aLL  , but it sure did get alot of snowballs on its legs no buddy I get the same.  After they left this little guy and I ran through the woods, and up little hills, and I tried the Doodle Furry Paw but, that lab was quick, I don’t no there is something about the labs that make me be doodleicious.  hee hee hee.

Oooo at the park is a HUGE  CHip pile well guess who climbed up it and Was Doodle King of the minute, yep yep  me  then I rolled in the pile Ahhhhhhh got full of chips and slid down the hill ohhh What fun, Now I no why Mom likes to slide down slides it is fun ! ! ! !  !

But, becuase I was full of chips and sort of stinky yea can you believe it I was getting stinky mom took me for a BATH!!!  OH man  but it was ok because guess who came in the door while we were bathing????

Two big Doodles George and Sam, and George well he walked right up  the steps where I was bathing and wanted to get to no  me !!!!! Really no privacy at all ! He was a big guy 100#’s his owner said, Mom I am sooo happy just to be 86#’s.  oh yea

Ooops the time I must get going, OOH but before I go yesterday Mom and I were walking and played dodge the water puddles on the sidewalks, oh yea that was fun. I will tell you more later, on.

Love ya guys

Have a great doodleful day



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