WEll, Well, Well,

I no  I no  yesterday I said I was DONE WITH SNOW ! ! !  But. . . .    mom woke up this morning looked outside,  turned on that TV, and all of sudden I hear mom say ”  SNOW DAY SNOW DAY”  oh Yea  ,  I galloped up the stairs and did my Doodle dance with mom.

She was soo very happy !!! But. .  hummmm she still put me outside  what?????? It’s snowing I will get full of SNOW !!!  OH gheeezzzz not yet  I just took three steps outside onto the deck, looked out at my backyard, came inside, and  was all full of snow !!

So I will just look out the front window with mom and watch it come on down, but. what???? That newspaper guy he is late with the paper for my dad !!!! Where is my blue squeeky ball, there it is, Hey Dad want to play???  Come on Dad, Mom has off don’t you???   Ooops  there is my Doodleness coming through my brain, The paper guy is here Dad, woof woof woof, there I did my job for the day !!  My morning job is ruff rufff waiting for the guy and alerting DAD !!!

So mom says we can play and have friends over, I just have to have that mushers wax on the bottom of my paws !! Thats okay  I can’t wait to play and play and play, I am just exhausted thinking about it all !!

Too all my doodle pals have a great DAY today I will because MOM IS HOME  ! ! !  ! Yipppeee dooodly dee My mom is home with me !!

Love Willy Winter fun


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