Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdoodley doodly dooody grrrrrrrrrrrrrr,

I just don’t like waking up like this in the morning, nope nope nope, what is this more SNOW  stufff, do u no that my buddy Mocha can’t even get through the gate because it is stuck in the ice/snow, grrrr

Mom called over Mocha, yesterday afternoon , we went out by the gate and couldn’t even chop the ice so Mrs. G had to walk around the block with my pal, so it took a little longer than normal gheezzzzzz  but, oh the happy doodle side, Courtney went by the gate and I jumped up to the gate and wagged my tail to say hi  come on over, oh doodles, it just was not my day at all ! ! ! ! !

the good thing about yesterday was that I was able to run and run with Mocha just for a little bit, OOoooo tomorrow  we might get more SNOW oooo I can hardly wait ! ! !

Mom says that we can build another snow doodle in the yard again  I Hope I hope I hope !!!

Have a doodle day  hug a doodle save the day, hee hee hee  I am going a little strange this morning too much snow is getting to my brains

Love ya



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