OH Boy

Oh My doodle goodness I was totally worried that I was not able to get on this computer thing this morning, Nah Mom wasn’t on or Dad I could just not log on yea It took a while, so my doodleness was worried ALOT !

So guess what I woke up to this morning, and I am tired tired doodly tired of  SNOW, I think it’s time to dream of Palm Trees, Ocean Waves, and oh yea  ICE CREAM< so  I have to keep Mom walking so I can have my doodley delicious treats again!,  Ahhhhh  FL I wish I wish, I am wishing can you tell????   LOL LOL LOL

Yesterday Mom and I were in the backyard oh and is it ever messy luckly I am a careful Doodle that doesn’t like to get muddy yea can you believe that??? WEll, Mrs G was outside and Mocha was doing her lateral jumps I can see her head over the fence, hee hee oh that MOcha, well we were going to play in there backyard but, . .     the gate door was stuck in ice  whinnnn whinnnnnn but, have no fear, MOM tired to break it up with her garden hoe  but, nah that didn’t work either  but maybe today we will see, mom says.

OH deeedle doodle dooodle dee, there is always tomorrow for me !!!!

Haha ahahahh

Oooo Bob, I slept in your room last night yea  Mom didn’t straighted out Karen’s bed from the other night so I am just switiching beds, Jack yours might be next. hee heeee

Okay buddies I have to get going I want to sit out on the deck and just admire my kingdom, with all of the snow  YUK !

Love ya


Ahhhhhh Snow

Ahhhhhh Snow


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