I was a little sassy . . .

Good Morning   Good MOrning,

Ohhh Boy I am sort of glad it’s Monday, sure I am sad Mom has to go back to work after a great weekend, but gheeezzzz  I am Pooped and I  mean Doodly pooped,

It all started on Friday, yea after mom did her stuff  , and,  “Why does mom get to do her stuff first and I am second?”  Huh Huh  I ask ??? WEll any way we went to the DePere Dog Park, and boy oh boy we went in the afternoon and I had so much fun,  I ran and ran and there were all kinds of labs there so  I had lots of fun, OOOO  I tried the furry paw, and that guy his name was Riley got away !!!   So I ran and Mom and I took a walk through the woods, I of course would only go so far and then look to see if she was coming along, Then when I got into the big field there was Riley, so . . .   Yea  I was sassy,  we left after awhile, the mom human for Riley was ok with everything but the dad for Riley he was not happy camper   lOL LOL

Mom and I also went for a walk too we were going to go on the East River Trail, but way too much snow you no My paws are sensitive I would of gotten tons of snow balls, Saturday we went back again and this time Annie and Oakley were there and they are Doodles, so we romped and I tried to teach them the Doodle Rompn Stompn Dance, hee hee, oh boy,  Do you no that while I was there,    on Sunday  A train went down the tracks, well I never saw a big huge thing like that so I just stopped and looked at it, man it was big.

Ooooo  MOm laughed really hard at me on Sunday at the park, well, there was a bigger guy named Chance, well,  . . .  he tried the FURRY PAW on ME ! ! ! !  So I guess I got put in my place yesterday, I went to mom right away and she protected me !   !!!!

I had a great weekend just playing and playing and playing,   So This morning I just get to rest ! Woof Woof Woof

Have a great day

Love ya


Hmmmmm how can I get what I want????

Hmmmmm how can I get what I want????


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