Ahhh Friday :-)

Guess What  Guess What ! !  ! !

Mom has today OFF ! ! ! ! Yippeee Doodly Dee Mom and Me ! ! !

I was  a little concerned this morning as I was upstairs ready with my tail to wag when I saw mom, but. . . .  Hummmmm Dad??? What is going on ???? Mom didn’t get up at the usual time, oh boy, hummmm what is going on ,  I no it’s not Saturday, because, Mom always tells me when it is Friday, then Saturday, I need to no those days, because, then I get ready to practice my Doodle Dance.  And Dad even fed me this morning, very strange, then Waaaaa LA Mom comes down with a huge SMILE on her face.  Willy Babe I have the day off she says,

Now, mom probably told me as we were walking yesterday but,   I didn’t listen because sometimes she just talks, and talks, and well you no . . .  hee hee Yea we took a walk yesterday afternoon, she just needed to walk !!!  Ooops I thought when she is like that we go forever and ever, but. we only went 3 miles, not bad at all, Plus  we saw some more pups and they were BIG PUPS TOO !!! no little guys or gals,  hee

I was careful with walking too when I stepped on some icy patch I looked at mom and told her to be careful, and she did  yea MOM listened to me !!! It was also snowing to just lightly,  OOOOOoooo  Mom slipped on the street, but  she is OK really she is ,  I was embarassed Yea   MOM  MOM  just was not paying attention she picked up her pace and   Oooola la  down she went, she slipped very gracefully,   and u not what else !!! Some men were plowing out there driveways saw my mom fall, and didn’t even ask if she was ok Grrrrrr.

Mom and I had fun,

Ooooo this morning as I was giving mom her doodle HUG< we were by Daisy’s cage, I put my nose by Daisy, just to say hi and she PECKED AT IT< Yea , She did , ooooo Daisy, but I tried it again and Mom stopped me.   I guess Daisy just didn’t want me near her when mom and her talk. ! ! ! !

Have a great wonderful doodleful day, Mom and I might go to the dog park today, we want to see how it is in the winter time, oh yea !!

I just love day off’s with MOM



I got My Doodleness BACK !!

Happy Day


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