HI Woof Woof

Well you want to no what happens when you Woooof Woooof way too much in the morning, MOM comes outside and says” Wilson, its’ just he paper guy”   maybe maybe not as I give Mom the LOOK<  heee heee you no the one I turn my head and just say really???

Oh boy, and do u no what else???? Mom has to go too work on time today, NO Delays or NOTHIN’  HUMMMMphf oh well, we can still have fun this morning. So Daisy’s blanket is looking pretty good now to pull off the chair and that Pillow on the coach that I like to lay on well, . .    watch, oh wait ! !!! A bunny, sorry gotta go and see what that big bugs guy is going!!

Do u  no that last night Mom and Dad were watching that Westminister Dog show?? Yes, and there were a couple of pups on that well,   I just didn’t care for so I gave them the grrrrrrr   grrrrrrrr and Mom an Dad laugh,  well, of course mom tired to take a picture of me watching the dogs  Really, MOM oh man!!! Well anyway as I was getting up to stretch, I noticed something in the back yard, so I pawed to get out, MOm put me out < BUT !! It was on that Tie out !  Yea so I could not go very far at all!  Gheeeez

The back yard is still pretty mucky Mom must think that I would go over to the fence area, well . . .. .. she is right  Mom’s are always right, well sometimes !

I think Bell has been in the PUP house recently I haven’t seen anyone recently , the weather but I am still sending messages  woof woof woof,

OOOOOoooo Jack sent mom a link through one of his friends of a Pup Driving, a car  OH YEA   Now mom thinks I should try driving, Oooo How much fun would that be !! Me the Big Guy driving down the street picking up the Girls  OH YEA !!!! AHHHH Now how can I pull that off !!   I will sleep on that today during one of my nap times.

Hey have a great doodley day

Love ya



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