OK OK When. . . .

Yea,  I want to no when we are going to stop all of this craziness of SNOW going to STOP< I will have you no that I was sitting out in the snow and the wind was blowing my ears around and the snow well the snow was falling all over on me.

Yea  Mom would tell me to come in and I would just look at her and giver her my sly smile .See I was really hopeful that my buddies could come over, but not even MOM wanted to be out there !!!  WEll, at least I wasn’t woofing woofing like I do sometimes at night, I was just patiently waiting , and all of a sudden Nah it was just a bird flying around !!

I looked really really hard for that bunny too but nothing come on you guys your my buddies I wanted to you be woofing with me so we could talk, and plan our weekend,  Sheeeeezzzz I think we all are just getting tired of this SNOW!

But, when I came in the very last time Dad played, with me , he got the towel that I have to get wiped off with, hee hee that was fun, oooo Karen I slept in your room last night too!! Your bed is pretty doodly comfy for me !

Have a great day today !!

Oh yea she is  in that nice warm house and I am out here !

Oh yea she is in that nice warm house and I am out here !


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