Mom has a 2 hour delay this morning !! Yipppeee Doodly dee that is play time for me !! Yippppeee Dooooo!!!

Mom and I just had fun out in the backyard  well. . .  we had to be a little careful because it is CRUNCHY in the  back !!! Oooops Mom didn’t want me to slip and fall, hhheeee OH Silly MOM  I have four LEGS !!! I can’t fall !!

What I liked most about this morning was that Mom gave me a big  long belly rub after she woke up and then I was sooo happy to see her shoveling the driveway too!  I just sat looking out the window and smilin’ at mom !!

And all of a sudden I hear  Wilson Come here ! And Waaaa LA Mom is in the back and we are having  careful fun !

Oooo Boy last night was a whirl wind Mom left and came back and left again  Zumba again! And then she went over to Mrs. B’s house WITHOUT ME  I might add!  oh Gheez who was going to protect her from the ice coming out of the sky???? She was careful driving, and she even got to see ABbby, and Copper too  .

Of course when mom came home she played with me  we found the squeeky ball and she threw it alot for me !!! and I was a happy Doodle again!! I just love it when both of my humans are home and I get tons of HUGS and PETS !

Well I need to nudge mom again to play, so have an awesome day !

Love ya

WillyHey Come Play


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