Woof Woof Woooooofffff

Who was that over there???? Hummmmmmm I heard  Wilson,  Wilsonnnnn  Hmmmm,

I quickly gallopped over to the gate and someone peaked over the gate and said  HI WILSON !! OH doodles  It’s MiMi and I no someone else is there besides Abby Hummmmm Copper Yea Doodles I galloped back to tell mom and she waved !! Waved???? Mom Mimi is there and Copper and Abbey Let’s play! !!

So what does MOM do she calls everyone up !!! and Sheeezzz Whinnnnnn Blmmmm

Mom goes to Zumba yea yea yea she mumbles something about the gang coming over later !  Later??!!! Mom but I want to play now!  Nope she leaves for ZUMBA  ZUMBA  can u believe it??? So dad comes home I would not even go out when he came home I was lookin for mom!! Then WaaaLA Mom opens up the garage door and Waaaa LAAAAA Mom says  “do u want to PLAY??””””” OF Course so I followed mom all over and waited to go out , Dad laughed ‘Looks like Wilson no’s whats going on ”  heee hee Dad  Silly DAD .

Mom starts the fire pit going and one by one my buddies all come over, and I ran and ran and ran, oh yea  I had a few time outs , well. . . . ..  I tried the furry paw on Copper and he is a pup and MOM was not pleased so . . . .. ..  well u no. . .. time out for WILSON, hee hee hee, but u no what as I was getting my time out   Copper would  come over to me ,  silly pup!

And mom tired to get a group picture but,   it didn’t work out so well,   Mrs. C was trying to get Bell positioned for the picture and Bell sort of  got her nose, OUCH   I think Bell is in trouble today !  I tried to go out and send a message to BEll, not no answer.  All the humans scrambled to the deck and us pups did too we stopped playing, Mrs. C will be ok, Mimi looked at her nose. she just might need a stitch.  OOOPSI hardly moved a muscle after play time last night .

Mom took a picture of me waiting for my friends and the pictures she did take were a little blurry. oooops oh well

Hey I gotta go  Love ya


My buddies are coming over I am soooo excited !

My buddies are coming over I am soooo excited !


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