Oh Doodles

OH My Doodle Doodle Doodles,  I always no when mom has had a rushable kind of a day, yea she came home Whooosh  Whoosh, Lets go Will, and Out the door we go, oh boy no stopping today, really she was cruising !!

But, of course we stopped because there was this snow mound that I just had to Visit if you no what I mean, sniff sniff sniff and Waaa Laa this is the Spot,  !!! just what you wanted to no hee hee heeeeeee!

Mom and I stopped and talked to some lady who had two dogs one named FRED yea can you believe that name???? Fred who would name their dog ?FRED   well this lady did and do you no what else???? She just happened to BE  Bob, Jack and Karen”s elementary principal  oh yea  heee heee and she asked all about my sister and brothers, of course Ilet her pet me !!  I didn’t get the other pups names because Fred looked liked me but he was a Wheaten cute  looked liked Marley!

Even after our walk last night Mom still went to ZUMBA Yea we just had fun but I guess she had to have some more !!! So when she came home from ZUMBA  I didn’t greet her Nope I just snuggled by my pillow HUMPH ! THERE   We had fun didn’t we mom so why do u have to go too ZUMBA  I can Move my hips and Shake my TAIL okay so I wag but STILLLLLL!

Sheezzzz well that feels better !

Have a great doodley day

Love YA


Wouldn't you rather just be with me???

Wouldn’t you rather just be with me???


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