Walking,Running . . . .

Good  Goood Dooodly Day  Doodly Day Doodly Day  Gooood Goood Doodley Dayyyyyyy

Man oh Man what a great doodley weekend we had ! ! ! !   Can you believe this that on Friday Afternoon MOM got all the pups together and we ran and chased each other I grabbed my tennis ball , Mom threw it a couple of times, but not a whole lot because we ran and ran and RAN !

Even Maisy came over to play oh yea it was soo great too see my little pal, and yes she is doing fine, and Mr. O brought her over, but, . . . .  the gang wanted to all get petted by Mr. O but. . .  I barged in to the first pets hee hee well . .. It is my yard ! oh well, but Mocha was starting to get  a little rambicous with Maisy, so I was being the Hall Monitor and rescuing her. Sometimes my job is never done,  we had just a furtastic day !

Saturday Mom and I walked again oh yea  Mrs. C could not come , its okay mom and I met alot of people along the way, and Yesterday, Yesterday  DAD took me too the East River Trail ! Mom had to do errands so Dad and I just trotted down to the trail and I gallopped all over the place, it was really super doodly cool, but. . . all of a sudden a puppy came out of NO WHERE and Started me yea  Okay  I am a chicken ! But it was a little lab and Dad said it was CUTE !! I gave him the “LOOK”  cuter than me????? Nah  , but the little guy;’s owner had treats so the “Pocket Guy ” came out of my innner doodleness! Yea  tried but it didn’t work I even sat Handsomely I might add, NOTHING GHEEEEEZZZZZZ! Whatj’s a Dood to do??? Well I ran yep I ran into a field rolled around OH YEA

I cam home and MOM was there !! She had to comb out the burs I got in my ears and in my head, but guess what SHE gave me aTREAT beacuse I was soo good !  OOooo Guess What  I got to go to PetsMArt with MOM and my friend was there she was soo happy to see me and she gave me a treat too she keeps them in her pocket, Seeeeee  so you wonder why I go into pockets that is where the goodies are  HEEEEEEE

Have a Great Wonderful Doodleful DAy

Love ya


Ahhhhhh Snow

Ahhhhhh Snow


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