Yesterday it was pretty darn doodly cold and I am happy to report it was pretty okay for me to be a lazy doodle yep all I did all day long was think of songs to sing and wondering what all my buddies have been doing.

Last night when mom came home from work I went out on to the deck and just woofed   woofed woofed and no answer I hope my friends are okay !! REally I do, I just no that mom said as soon as it warms up we will have PUPPY TIME OH YEA  No walk just mauling each other and sniffing oh the doodle life is great isn’t???

Also last night I just happened to be outside waiting for Dad to come home I like to be the one to announce all arrivals, so . . . as I was waiting a big brown flash came up to my side of the house then it ran to the other side I was running back and forth and forth and back it was that dog from across the street it got away, I hope it is okay Mom and I haven’t seen it in a few days  ooops.

Mom and I just snuggled on the couch last night she even put a little blanket on me too!! Awwwww Also  yesterday I was perfectly happy laying on the couch before mom left for work and all of a sudden FLASH  FLASH  she was taking pictures hee hee oh that mom, I will have to post them later. I think I hear the paper buy gotta woof woof woof at him.

Love ya



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