Is it the weekend yet???

Good Morning    Good Morning,  did you no that Mom says to enjoy today and tomorrow because it is going to be getting Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdoodly outside on Sunday  oh doodles, and of course Mom is getting me groomed on Saturday,  I hope Beth my doodle stylist doesn’t cut me too short !!!    Oooo My Doodles  I am worried .

Hey  guess what  Mom came home late last night but not tooo late yea it was okay because Dad says I will walk with you !! Oooooo come on Mom say YES  PLEASEEEEEEEEE maybe I will see some of my buddies outside , and you no what MOM said   YES ! !  ! ! !    ALL   RIGHT   I got Mom and Dad walk  to walk  to walk  I got mom and Dad to WAlkkkkkkkKKKKKK in the evening time!!

Oh boy did mom bundle up in our walk I could hardly tell it was MOM!  We did our Broadview walk but, Dad wanted to turn down a different  oh doodles what to do, well we did it I kept looking back at MOM , and she new that I new this was wayyyy different, but OK we trotted down the street  OH yea I though mom wants to run????  At first we went slow then then she picked up speed and I turned and did the doodle dance, (yes you can doodle dance anytime you want!) then she Stopped    Gheeeezzzzzz oh well thats okay, we did see a few humans walking with there pups too hmmmmm strange I think !

We walked 5.6 miles last night  I think Mom wanted to show Dad that she can go further see, On Tuesday when dad took me we just went 5.2 hahahah  Mom is funny !

And when we got back last night Mom wanted to Brush me Hummmmm MOM???? oh boy but that didn’t last long I just wanted to relax, but that didn’t last too long either, because Mom and Dad were sitting on the couch and I need a pet  yea I no we were together for a while but . . ..  Remember I am the Doodle that needs lovin’  lots of it!! So I would put my paw on the couch dad would pet it, then I would look at MOM with my Doodle eyes of course.  She would pet my paw , then Dad  so I thought what the Doodles I put both paws on the couch and Yea  I got doubled petted pawed by mom and dad.

Soooo it was the perfect doodle night !

Have a great doodle day and weekend and stay warm !!!!! SEnding  lots of Doodle hugs to all my buddies !



Hey want to snuggle this weekend ?

Hey want to snuggle this weekend ?


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