Toolin’ Tuesday

There’s that doodle walking down the street strutting singing and smiling dood da dood da doodly do, hee hee how does that one sound????

Okay okay I am sure I won’t get a contract for my best singing but . . . . come on it made you smile right???!!!!! Hummmmmmm maybe I just have to clear my voice Wooooooof Wooooof there we go ha ah  Doood Da Doooo Dooo Dooooodddddd

ok ok I will work on it really I will, well let me tell you something last night mom put me outside yes in the cold again! and as she let me out of the house guess what  HOPPED OUT OF OUR DECK !!!  A Bunny but, not just one bunny TWO BUNNIES  and mom said ready    . . . . set  . . . Go and I just didn’t no which way to go because they both went in different directions !!!! So I just really galloped over by Mocha’s fence gate and WHAM that bunny was gone then I gallopped over to Julia’s side and that little one hopped over that little hole in the fence part  SHeeeezzzzz.

And , I got to tell you that this morning no bunnies at all came under the deck this morning .

Yesterday  Dad really really made me laugh, he was watching something and then he said in a boomy voice AHHHHH hee hee hee I looked over too him and smiled he did interupt me chewing on my antlerz bone but,  oh well it’s dad !!!

Who’s that doodle walking around in that around smiling at everyone he meets doodl wha doodly wah  hee hee hee

Seeing that mom is at work today I will practice my song

Love ya



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