Yipppp Dipppp Doodley Dooooo Doodly Dooo Doodly Dooo  Yippp Yippp Doodly Dooooo  It’s Friday for me and you!!

Ahhhhhh Guess what Dad caught me Yep He was looking out the window at lunch time yesterday and he caught me !!!! Oooops  not goin tell you what I did but, mom just went ECK and Brushed my teeth really really doodley good last night !! WEll,  not sure why hmmmmmmm.   Then Dad said I guess I should of stopped him,  mom shook her head  oh DAD !!!

We could not go for a walk last night or even have play time because it was RAINING out last night yea and MOM could did not want to get wet but, it’s ok for me to get wet!! REally doodley me  we should change that around if we can !

OOOOOo this morning u no How I have to go out right well, I want my bone and I refused again to go out unless I have my bone   guess who won?????!!!!!!  mom did Yea She just sometimes can be stubborn can’t she?? Not often but just once in awhile ! So when I came in I went right to the counter !

Hey MOM says I can have my buddies over again, oOOOOO I just want to let you no that I am a good Doodly Dood yep for the last two days I have not been pulling off the pillow or the blanket either  Yeaaaaa Dippp Doooodley Dooo DAH  Yeaaaa Dipppp Doodly Day !!!

Hey if anyone wants to leave me a message on the answering machine it is good, because   last night mom played it and There was a message for me FROM   Guesss . . . . . KAREN  YEA  I  turned and looked for her but  she was not around  whinnnnn whinnnnnn but thats okay Mom kept her voice on the machine for me so I can play it later on !! Oooo did you no that the ice sculpture that my human friends made well the other ear is gone now !!!  Heeee Heeee  I pulled it off with me teeth yep just jumped up and grabbed it right off the head  .

Soooo Put your front paw in and shake it all around and put your left paw back and give it a little shake, hummm I am working on that one !! Oooo Lets sing the doodle stomp song

Jump up and Down and stomp and romp  Jump up and Down and shake your bootie  Bootie Bootie  Jump up and Down and Stomp Stomp STomp,.  Hummmmm not sure if I like that new version well, I have all day to come up with something so I will.

Have a great Doodley Doodley DAYYYYYYYY

Love ya


I wonder how long it will take me to dismantle all of this ????

I wonder how long it will take me to dismantle all of this ????


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