Life is so much better . . . .

Good Morning  Doodley  Buds !!!

Hee Heee  Well I was a very very good doodley boy last night and this morning, Yep Yepppppdoodly doo I was how about you ????

Mom new I was even better because when she came home I didn’t have the blanket off the coach or the pillow thrown way over too the other side of the room, OH yea  she was so happy, well, u no why??? Daisy, yep  Daisy sang me a song and said she was going to snitch on me and tell MOM !!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  OH Daisy Bird !

Yesterday Mom and I had a very quick time in the backyard see she wanted to go too Zumba after school so she thought of playing with me in the backyard it was lots of fun but then, all of those crows started squaking and I would just stop and look at them wondering, where are they going???? Mom tried her best and she didn’t succeed nope she didn’t , I had the tennis ball and was just standing by it, mom would grab and throw, but . . . Mom these birds I have to watch I told her, so we stopped  HUMPHHHHHHH

Guess what  last night Dad , Mom and me we took another great walk  Oh yea  I love walking with mom and DAD  They keep talking and talking and I get to just walk and strut my stuff, until we saw those  German Shepards oh boy mom kept me close by, one even started to do the Shepard I can stand on my Hind Legs DANCE  Hee Heee Goofy dog !

And I have to tell you mom hasn’t slipped at all on the ice sections she is careful she is wearing that flashlight headgear she has,  Hmmmmmm I think I should have one because it would make me able to sniff out stuff in the snow !!!! I think I shall invent something like that !!

WEll doodle kids If I go outside and do my “Thing”  I can get my bone this morning so l . . .  Better get moving  if you no what I mean  heeeeeeeee Doodle Humor there !

Love ya



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