OOoooo I am a naughty doodle

Well not really that baddddd  Mom just realized that when she comes home from work that the pillow , and blanket is off the couch well . . . . .  Yes I pull it off  because I can, and in fact this morning I did the same thing right with her standing in the middle of the living room.

I no I no it’s not like I don’t get attention but I have this little devil kind of a doodle thing in me that just makes me want to me a little doodly naughty !! Doooooddddddddddles strike back Heehee heee  Ohhhh OOOO let’s hear it for the Doodles Doodles Doodles Let’s hear it for the Doodles who want to rule the world !!!    We can Romp and Stomp Romp and Stomp We can Rommmmppppp and STompppppp  and Give you lots of HUGS !!!

So this morning I just don’t feel like going outside you no yesterday I said why do I have to go out in the mOrning??? ?Well, today I decided NOPE I want to play so I grabbed that big Yellow pillow Twice  MOM laughed at ME YEA  she did Like I am not serious or something !

So Mom played with me a game of tug of war oh yea that was good but I wanted more  actually I wanted to take out that bone with me and hide it ! That snow is starting to melt a little and I thought it would be a great idea to hide it and fine it later in the Spring !!! But NooooOOO Mom is not buying that one !  So I am going to keep pulling that pillow off the couch until I GET MY BONE !!!

So I am a little naughty Doodle  Doodle Dooodle I am a little Naughty doooooOOOOODDLEEE so early in the morn!

But on the plus side  I did have a great walk with my mom and dad last night !!

Heee  eeeeee I have that pillow urge again  gotta go have a great doodley day

Sometimes You just have to LAUGH

Love you


I like being a little naughty

I like being a little naughty


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