Good Morning   Good Morning,

It is another  brrrrreeeeeeedoodoodddlly day out there, and MOM and DAD insist that I go out there early in the morning, HECK even the sun is not SHINNING !! Really, come on it is so comfortable just laying on the coach early in the morning, Or my best is when MOM comes down and I roll over too get my tummy rubbed Ahhhhh Life is good in the morning !!!

Hey do u guys have any ideas of how  HOW  I can have mom give me my entire bone in the morning, Yea she is teasing me,  I look at that counter and she knows exactly what I want she gives it too me for only a few minutes !!! Yea come on that is just not FAIR !!!

So I try too be sneaky and take the bone outside I look at mom then dad then grab my bone and carefully I sneak past mom she looks up I SMILE and ooops there is that bone in my mouth  OH geeeezzzz she saw it and what does she do  ” NO Wilson, it doesn’t go out”  So I look at her with my big brown eyes smile and go back into the living room, Hummmph!!

Soooo I keep trying and I think hummmm maybe if I can distract MOM , so I sniffed all around the house and WAAALLllaaaaa there it is the snowman pillow I take it and Shake it all around !!! OH doodly boy !! Mom , just looks and shakes her head at me .  I think I am going to get that bone NO  she plays ball with me !! Oh Doodles are signals are just not working this morning !!

So I guess I will just go back onto the couch and Doodle Think Doodle Think Of how I can get what I want !!!

Have a doodly day everyone !!!!

Love ya, Willy

Hmmmmm how can I get what I want????

Hmmmmm how can I get what I want????


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