Monday Monday

Ohhhhh It’s MOnday  MON  MONDA   MONDAY  Yippeee Yippeee that means I can rest all day long,   oh yea  All DAYYYYY LONGGGG !!!!

WEll let me tell you I have had one busy busy doodley weekend and it all started on Friday, yea Friday can you believe that one!!! Oh yea it was  lots of fun we walked and walked and we went into our DePere route, I didn’t think we should go down one street, something had my doodle senses tingling so mom didn’t take me down one street, whoosh which is good, because what I saw, was  a really really big dog !@!!! Eeeeeks.

Well, we went past Legion park and MOM let me run and run in the snow OH bodidly doo that was fun to do !! Mom and I just laughed and Laughed, and someone in a car drove by and HONKED at us,  Whatever!!!! Hee hee hee,

Well as you no I have been woof woofing alot lately which I have been wanting my buddies to come over to play, so on Saturday mom tried to trick me YEA  she went to use a phone in a different room, and she called up everyone, but,  I new mom was being tricky and I listened in!! OH YEA  OH YEA  the kids are coming over I was waggin my tail and smilin oh yea !!!

So at 3:30 the girls came over, and you no what Bell did she came over all by herself, yep mom went to open the garage door to get something and there was my GIRL  Bell, waggin her but and just wanting to come into the backyard, oh doodles, we ran and ran all over the backyard!!! I tell you Saturday night I was soooo doodly pooped that I didn’t do a single tail wag all evening long !!

Seeeee  I needed to run and get malled by my buddies !

Sunday Dad and I took a walk on the trail and he let me off leash  ooops Dad should not of done that because whith my super terrific Doodle nose I was able to SNiff out  . . . . .  a

loaf of french bread by someones yard, hee hee hee  Yea  I took it well,  it was just sitting there doing nothing at all and besides, there were 3 loafs  I just took one !  The birds still could eat the other two !!!!

Hee heeeeee See so now you no why I need to rest today!!!!! Mom and Dad just keep me way to busy,

Oooooo I forgot to mention the TREE well our neighbors put out there Christmas tree yesterday  well,     I didn’t no what it was so I woofed woofed and WOOOFED WOOOOFED finally mom came to see what the Doodly is wrong, so then she see’s it. Well it was just wrapped up in plastic and the breeze was making it wave at me , so MOM took the leash and her and I walked outside to our neighbors, oh boy now I get to see what this is  I started to prance and pracne all the way down the street getting closer and closer, hummmmm I walk up to it sniff sniff sniff, ok ok ok  I am good it is a TREE, but really really why the white thing on it and it’s flapping is driving me Doodley NUTS  lol lol lol

Have a great doodly day today

Love you all



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