Hi !

Okay Okay I suppose you are all wondering what happened ??!!!!!   WEll I will tell you, our internet was down yea  and I could not get on no matter how much I looked with my big brown eyes to dad and even MOM !! We all no that mom just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders, and MOM tired too she really doodley did !!

But that is okay all Dad had to do was wiggle a little button or two  !! OOOOOOOOO Doodley doo can u belive it just wiggle  I no how to wiggle and I can wiggle my whole tail if I want to, if that was all it was my humans should of told me !!!!!

So . . .  I have a new friend that sits on our front porch every every doodley nights and it has  a tail and floppy ears  its’ a bunny yea this bunny plops by the door, I hear it mom doesn’t but,. . . . it twitches it’s nose at me when I go by the front door to sniff,  sheeezzz it must be cold, but we can’t bring it inside. Oh Doodles,  hey the other day is was so cold out that none of my friends would come out to woof with me.

Ooooo I forgot to tell you how great our backyard concert went, we woofed all night long, come one on all night long, hee heee hee  then mom kept hearing me of course I have that big boom voice of the  DOODLE so I had to go inside.  But . . . . I did the doodle trick, mom was relaxing and I just waited and waited then . . . . ..  Whimmmm Whimmmmmmmm mom said “Will,, do u need to go out??”””” so I went out and Woof Woof Woof, hee hee it was such a fun game to play on Sunday when is was soooooo Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr out !

Do u no that yesterday mom had to go back to the little kids, yea  I was sad but, I  really needed my naps because she just keeps me going and going so when she came home yesterday  I gave her the bigges doodle hug ever and even DAISY got involved she sang when mom started to talking to me !! What is up with that??? She never sings when mom comes home  hummmmmm  what is up with that bird????

Oh well that is ok !!

I think it’s time for me to go and grab Daisy’s blanket off the chair  HUMPH  yep  I am feeling a little bit of being a naughty doodle,  ha ha ha

Have a great doodley day !!!

Love ya


Ahhhhhh Snow

Ahhhhhh Snow


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