What A Day Yesterday

Good Morning  Good Morning it is freezing cold outside  Good Morning Good MOrning  Mom says I have to go outside  BAHHHH HUMBUG !!!

Hee Hee Just kidding !!!! Because I have to watch out I can not pout I am going to tell you why  Santa Doodle Is Coming To Town, He see’s me when I’m sleeping  He No’s when I am awake, He no’s when I pulled Daisy’s cover off her cage,So I had better behave !!! OoooOOO I better watch out I better not pout  I better be good I am tellin you why Santa Doodle is coming to TOWNNNNNN!!!!!!!

OH Yea  Mom was off yesterday , we had the best doodle time ever, we had play time with Mocha, Bell and Maisy, it was funny Mom Called Mrs. C and she said it would be awhile so can Bell Just run over, oh yea mom says  So MOM goes outside and waits for Bell Mom says “she ran so fast it was fun to see those little legs, run,   But then she barked at mom because she didn’t get that door opened up fast enough !! GHeeezzz  I told Bell, then you no what those humans did???

They built A Snow Dog dedicated to our puppy time !! AWWWWW it was cute.

Mom is a little sad today no Delay so she is in sort of rush this morning, I was so doodly pooped after our play time I just snoozed and this morning this is how mom found me.

Pretty funny well I posed just for mom Hey have a great day  Merry Christmas

I am just pooped this morning but, this pillow is comfy for a doodle

I am just pooped this morning but, this pillow is comfy for a doodle


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