Oh the flakes are falling and it looks like I will be woofing, so Let it SNOW let it SNOW  Let is SNOW<  Oh Mom has the day off of  school, and Dad is leaving soon, so since we have no where to go!! Let us Play Let us Play Let us PLAY!!!!!!!

Hee Heee oh yea  I get to romp and stomp in the snow today I can Hardly wait, the only bad thing is that I will get those silly snow balls on my fur, grrrrrrrrrrrrr, But having mom home will be doodlefully wonderful.

Last night we got to play just a little and we went to Pets Smart and I got treats and pets, and maybe a toy, but  . . . .  Mom didn’t give it to me!!!    Maisy   Mom got you something for Christmas  and I helped picked it out.  Also  Mom wrapped some presents,  and I was sort of a naughty Doodle ,  Mom put a present under the tree, and  well   Let’s just say I wanted to see what it was ,  I meant no Harm, because the wrapping paper looked really really pretty,  I tried to open it UP!!!  Oooopss

And when Dad came home last night from a basketball game  we played a little bit, too in fact I gave him a two paw  lets play DAD sign, I just wanted to try it out and Doodley Dee I can put two paws up on Dad at the same time,  Ahhh  The doodle life is good !!

So today  we are getting tons of snow and MOM said we will go out later on too play and I  think all my buddies will be outside today too  I can’t wait !!!  Mom said she will take some pictrues.  She took one this morning already  I was a little sleepy but,  . . . . .  I am just going to have fun today !!!

Doodles with your nose so brown  won’t u come around today, ohhh Wilson with your nose so warm come and guide my sleigh tonight, OOOOoooo Doodle Bells Doodle Bells Doodle’s all the way, OH what fun it is to Romp in the SNOW TODAY HEY!

Love ay

Willy DSCN0262


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