The time is getting closer

Oh Boy doodles I am running a little bit late this morning and MOM well MOM is hyper this morning , yea the alarm didn’t go off at the right time ooops

But  I had an awesome weekend helping mom with pierdoges  it was fun I got some flour in my whisker and was just a floury mess sometimes and MOM was yelling at me well not really yelling but she was not happy at all, sheeez come on mom it is only flour, oh doodles. We went for a fun walk just me n mom .

Saturday I found out who SANTA DOODLE IS  !!!!!! I will show you a picture

DSCN0253and that guy on he floor well . . .  let’s just say he was in my way  LOL LOL LOL
Have a great doodly day!

Love ya



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