It’s Furry Paw Friday

Hee Heee just kidding

OOOOOoooooOOOOOO getting my voice in singing shape again this morning,  Woooof Wooooooof Woof Okay how does this sound

Frosty Doodles, What a great giant fluffy tail, with a big brown nose and fluffy ears you are quite the sight to see!!! Frosty Doodle you have big giant paw with a flop flop here and and Doodle dance There you are a big giant Teddy Bearrrrrr!!!!

Ooo How I LOve this time of year you can sing and sing and sing, I was practicing last night a little too and guess What???? Bell Chimed in then Mocha we are were practicing the 12 Doodle days of Christmas !!! Those kids are doing pretty well and then Maisy came out and did    5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5  Frozen Noses  heee oh that Maisy!

Well Mom and I took a very nice long walk, and I was a very good Doodle yes I was  Mom took that pork roast out of the oven  and I just slightly went over to the stove smelled the food YUMMMMMMM but mom gave me “THE LOOK” so I new lots better !!!! She even said “Wilson if you go near that roast”  Santa Doodle will NOT BE HAPPY

Oh come on Santa Doodle whatcha  you doing now??? Santa Doodle I really have been good, (expect for taking some pasta off the counter) Santa Doodle how about a soccer ball!!! I think Santa Doodle is listening to me  .

Hey I was a little confused this morning which is easy to do  MOM got up just a little bit late and u no what she did ??? She popped back into the room left the door open and YEP I went onto Dad’s side and Gave him a nuzzle with my fuzzy face!!!  Hee Hee HEEEE.

And now mom is dressed in relaxing clothes and pulled out the carving board, rolling pin, We are Making Pieroges today  OH DOODLES YES  YE S YES   I love it , and mom says we are going to LIsten to Christmas Music, what a day this will be,

Doodle Bells Doodle Bells Dooodles all the way oh what fun it is too be a doodle in the house today !!!!!!

Oooo yesterday Dad took me into the house early I was woofing too much at lunch time but, it was not my fault really, some lady was looking at me from the street, huymmmmm so I ran to the other side of the yard because she left, and there she was again just staring at me>>>>  hummmm

Well gotta get rolling in the dough   ha ha ha get it dough  rolling it out!!!! Oooo boy I have my doodle humor this morning, so I have to figure out how to help out mom????? Hummmm. . ..

Love ya

Willy DSCN0203


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