Fa La La La La Fa Fa FA

Well,  I think Santa Doodle was  a little upset with me last night ,   And I didn’t really really mean to do what I did  it just happened ,  See we have a little elf in this house and he gets into all kinds of stuff, like yesterday when mom was making dinner it smelled soooo good.

So Mom and Dad finish eating And they clear the table, I see the elf he is right in the kitchen  on the counter. ok  he whispers to me”, when mom has her back turned put your furry paws up onto the counter and Waaa Laaa the pasta dish is yours”  I just smiled at that little guy, but he had a devilish grin  “Come on big guy you just walked 3,5 miles you need those carbs.”

Oh Doodles  mom isn’t looking QUICK  UP I GO TO TASTE THE SHRIMP AND LINGUINNE   “WILSON”  ooops got caught,  I look at MOM with my big brown eyes, It was that ELF   Really MOM< then she smiles,  Seee. . . ..  I new I would not get into trouble  ……

Sooo U better watch out u better not sneak any food I am telling you why Santa Doodle IS coming To TOWNNNNNNN!!!!!

I got a great walk with mom yesterday and a little pasta with some lemon yummmmmmm

And you no what mom did she put out more SNOWMEN  YEEEEEKKKKKDOODLE ME oh MY   .

So last night I had to go out quite a bit, but not because of the pasta  I was practicing the choir again last night ready to hear us    Ok Here it is

Doodle Bells, Doodle Bell, Dooodle all the way,  Oh what fun it is to get  A big Doodle HUG HEYYYYY!!!

Love ya all


I am in Trouble

I am in Trouble


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